Pet treat - Soft chicken slice 100g

Pet treat - Soft chicken slice 100g

Yum - Soft chicken slice 100g

We are authorized distributor for Tail Swingers (R) branded dog snacks in New Zealand.
To know more about the Greece company pet-interests please visit their website:
Products made in China. Approved by MPI to import.

Nice package, fast open design, convenient re-seal-able bag.

Soft bites of slightly dehydrated chicken fillets. Heated in an oven with a temperature of around 90 degrees, for mild dehydration.
Contains 96.3% chicken fillet, 2.5% glycerin, 1% sorbitol, 0.2% salt
Protein: 41%
Fat: 2%
Ash: 3%
Fiber: 0.2%
Humidity: 23%
Without any colorings, sugar, flavor enhancers or preservatives.
Low fat.

Daily Dosage Body Weight less than 3kg 1, 3-6kg 2, 6kg or more 3
Item: 1125-100gr.

Pet treat - Soft chicken slice 100g
Price: $3.00

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