Alice Pocket spring Mattress Queen

Alice Pocket spring Mattress Queen
Alice Pocket spring Mattress Queen

Mattress Queen Pocket Spring 2019

This Mattress is our brand new range. For a long time, we are thinking to bring in an entry level mattress as an alternative to our classic Amelia mattresses. Now Alice mattress is finally here.

In the process of designing this mattress, we set a firm price target that must be met: retailing under $300 for a queen size. It must not be like some cheap mattresses around the market that satisfies quality too much. We finally still picked up independent pocket spring instead of commonly used cheap inner sprung to ensure this product having a sound level of quality. Alice mattress also has knitted fabric for both top and bottom quilting, so the mattress looks the same either from bottom or top (rather than have an ugly black bottom). We placed felt both top and bottom to separate the spring with foam so people will not feel the springs when lying on it. In urgent this mattress can even be used bottom up (but this is just for a short time).

Alice Mattress comes in both Queen and Double sizes.


1) top quilting: knitted fabric+2.5cm wave foam+nonwoven fabric.
2) one felt
3) 17cm H Pocket spring, 2.0mm wire gauge
4) one felt
5) bottom quilting:knitted fabric + 0.6cm soft foam +nonwoven fabric

Softness rating: Medium to Soft.
Colour: Creamy white.
Size: 152 x 202 x 20cm (Queen)

The mattress is vacuum packed and stored in a box for easy shipping!

Note: Bed Base (if there is one) in the photo is not included.

NORTH ISLAND DELIVERY ONLY. Prices may vary if you are not in the main centres, please ask for a price to your suburb + postcode.

• All products come with 1-year parts warranty unless otherwise stated.
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Alice Pocket spring Mattress Queen
Price: $289.00